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Friendship Peak Expedition

7 Days |  Full Adventure   |  Best Experience  | Himachal

Friendship peak is a mountain of 5,289 meters elevation situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Being one of the popular trekking peaks of the Pir Panjal range, the hike starts from Solang Valley near Manali. Friendship peak is considered from moderate to hard grade and is a good option for experienced trekkers wanting to switch to mountaineering.


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Itinerary (Day Wise)

We welcome you to our guesthouse in Manali for the wonderful expedition ahead. You shall stay in a designated twin or triple sharing room. Our team shall do a briefing session where all the details about the trek and documents will be collected. Evening time is free; you can explore the nearby areas.

As the second rises we head to Dhundi crossing Solang valley after breakfast. From Dhundi you will begin hiking towards Bakkarthatch. It is an easy walk on the banks of Beas. The trail is lined by thick conifer trees. You can see a lot of greenery around. In 3 hours you arrive at Bakkarthatch campsite which is a serene place with meadows, glaciers and moraines all around

Today you will hike to the Advanced Base Camp (ABC), Lady Leg camp at 3,900 meters in height. We shall start early as the route is strainful. The trail becomes steep and difficult as you slowly rise to the ABC. There will be scree and moraine on the route so you must walk carefully. As you take breaths and relax, do not miss the breathtaking views around you.
After 5 hours of the strenuous climb, you shall reach the campsite. From there you can spot Deo Tibba, Indrasen peak and Dhauladhar range.

With the new day, you will learn about load ferry. Load ferry is a concept implemented for proper acclimatization, especially for height gain. Instead of staying at a higher altitude you will work at a high elevation and sleep at a lower elevation so the body adjusts efficiently. So, you will carry all your equipment, ration and your backpacks to Camp 1 at 4,800 meters and descend to ABC by night.

This is like an active rest day where you will move to Camp 1 and relax the whole day. Our team shall do technical sessions on how to use crampons, ice-axe, harnesses, roping up etc. You must drink a lot of water and avoid heavy physical activity.

The most-awaited summit day rises and it begins at 2 am in the morning. As per the plan, the whole team must reach the mountain top by 9-10 am. The climb is through crevasses, zig-zag trails and glacier walk. The highest point is marvellous with great views of the surrounding mountains like Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Indrasen etc., valleys and infinite sky.

You enjoy the lovely moments on the summit and immediately start descending.

The final day where you complete the remaining trek in one day and return to Manali.

If the weather does not permit a summit attempt then the additional day will be spent at the ABC. Whether the extra day will be used or not will be entirely the team’s decision. Please note that there are extra charges for the buffer day.